Adult Film Star Miss B Nasty Reacts To Shannon Sharpe Thirsting Over Her

Adult Film Star Miss B Nasty Reacts To Shannon Sharpe Thirsting Over Her

After Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe disclosed his lecherous desires toward her, adult film star Miss B Nasty responded.

Sharpe hosts a weekly segment on ESPN’s “First Take”. He also has his own podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” which has expanded into “Nightcap With Unc And Ocho,” a program he co-hosts with Chad Johnson.


The latter is quickly gaining popularity since the hosts talk about a variety of dramas while keeping the focus mostly on sports.

When the two men discussed the kind of woman Shannon ought to be dating last week, Ocho recommended that the former NFL tight end set up Yvonne Orji, an actress and devoted Christian who says she is still a virgin at 39. Sharpe said,

“I’m looking for a sinner, send me Miss Nasty B…That’s what I’m looking for, I don’t wanna anybody walking the straight and narrow. Nah, I want a sinner, that’s what I’m looking for,” he declared.

“Give me Miss Nasty B, I’ll have a bible right next to my bed. Lord forgive  what I’m about to do.”

The adult film performer, who goes by B Nasty (not Nasty B), has responded to the video on social media, and you can view it below:

She does appear to be open to it. All that’s left to do is get her on the program.

Flip the pages for some of Miss B Nasty’s work.



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