Angela hires 3 lawyers and reveals her plan to get Michael deported

Angela hires 3 lawyers and reveals her plan to get Michael deported

🚨🔥Angela hires 3 lawyers and reveals her plan to get Michael deported‼️

✍️👒.. 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Angela Deem has lost faith in love and in her Nigerian husband, after he ran away and tried to worsen her already bad reputation by telling lies and misinformation to the local Georgian police department.
When telling her version of the story during a YouTube live stream started by Celebrity blogger John Yates, Angela was stuttering from stress and fuming with anger and resentment toward Michael and his family. The angry Meemaw claimed that she has 3 million dollars laying around and promised to get her husband deported at all costs, even if that means she will spend all of her money on lawyers’ fees.

Michael Ilesanmi already has his permanent green card. The reality TV couple got married in 2020, and any foreign spouse who comes to the United States and is married for more than two years to an American citizen gets his green card and passport stamp on the spot as soon as they arrive in the country.

Angela claimed that she hired bounty hunters and three lawyers to catch her Nigerian husband and get him deported. She said that she has receipts that will be used in court as evidence to prove the marriage fraud, that Michael committed with the help of his Nigerian family. If Angela and her team win the case, Michael’s green card will be revoked, and he will be forced to leave the country.

According to the celebrity blogger, Michael was distant and cold toward Angela and even refused and avoided touching her after arriving in the United States. He planned his escape, and it was not a random event. The Nigerian left all his belongings behind to escape before Angela returned from the store. He didn’t even say goodbye to Angela’s grandkids, whom he was babysitting, and a woman with a car was waiting for him outside to pick him up. Angela may have an idea about the identity of this mystery woman.

Angela Deem also confessed that she will not take Michael back even if he begs her, despite admitting that she may still have some love for him somewhere in her heart. It’s important to note that the footage from reality TV shows may not be admissible as evidence in a court of law. If Angela divorces Michael or wins the case, his green card won’t be valid anymore. Therefore, if Michael wants to apply for a U Visa and stay in the country, he will have to find another way to prove that he was abused by Angela.



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