Brian McKnight’s Wife Calls Him “Amazing Father” On His B-day, After He Disowns His Kids

Brian McKnight’s Wife Calls Him “Amazing Father” On His B-day, After He Disowns His Kids

Brian McKnight, has made about his eldest biological children — Niko, Brian Jr., Briana, and presumably Clyde McKnight as well. Each of the aforementioned kids are Black, and Brian’s made it publicly known that he’s disowned them. So much so, that he’s also legally changed his name to match the name of the toddler son he shares with wife,  Leilani McKnight (who is of Filipino and Hawaiian decent), which was seemingly an intentional spiteful jab toward his eldest son, Brian McKnight Jr, whom the singer had previously shared his birth name with for the past few decades. And the list of dysfunctional daddy-deeds goes on and on from there, as we’ve unfortunately seen play out in public. Nevertheless…for “Never Felt This Way” singer’s recent birthday,  his wife referred to him as an “amazing father.” And that’s where this gets even more eyebrow-raising.

Wifey’s Birthday Tribute To Brian McKnight

On June 6, 2024, Brian turned 55. Typically, we would see his fans big up’ing him on his own social media pages, but ever since the mound of backlash he’s faced for publicly disowning his cancer-stricken Black son, Niko, as well as his other three eldest children, Brian has seemingly run away from social media altogether…but I digress.

Fortunately for Brian, wifey, Leilani, is keeping his presence felt on social media with her latest b-day post, where she praised him for always being there for ‘her’ children (but not for the biological ones he shares with his exes).

Leilani started by praising Brian for being an “amazing human being”:

“When I first met you, my prayer was that God would let me know you. Not the celebrity, not the singer but the inner person of your heart.

HE answered that prayer. He revealed to me the man you truly are. HE allowed me to see you through HiS eyes. To love the man that HE sees you as.

I wish I could give you the ability to see what I see. Only then would you truly know what an amazing human being you are.”

She then referred to him as an “amazing father”:

“You are an exemplary and passionately devoted husband. ❤️ I am humbled byhow much God has blessed me by giving me you 🙏You are a loving and amazing father. Your protection , presence and love for me and our children knows no bounds and no words could say or actions shown could come close to expresss (sic) how much we love you and how grateful we are for you.

Today on your birthday, and everyday we honor you my love. I’m forever in love with you ❤️

#iloveourlife #mrandmrsmcknightworldtour24 #knightandlei❤️”

Questions And Accountability?

Brian McKnight with his wife and stepkids

After reading Leilani’s birthday post, you’re probably thinking, ‘How could she praise Brian’s parenting of ‘their’ son and ‘her’ kids, but never acknowledged how he’s publicly bashed his other biological children?’

We don’t have the answer to that, but one can only imagine that the timing of Leilani’s fatherhood-praising of Brian; along with his actions toward his eldest kids, continue to emotionally cut his estranged kids very deeply.




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