Chantel Everett finally found a man to replace her ex husband

Chantel Everett finally found a man to replace her ex husband

🚨🔥Chantel Everett finally found a man to replace her ex husband‼️

✍️👒…The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett has been going out with a handsome man after months from her split with her ex husband Pedro Jimeno. Lately, she’s been sharing a lot of confusing Instagram posts amid divorce.

Chantel Everett, who is divorcing her ex-husband Pedro Jimeno, may have announced she has a new boyfriend. The 90 Day Fiancé alum from Atlanta is best renowned for her six year rollercoaster relationship with Pedro from the Dominican Republic, which ended in 2022. During The Family Chantel season 4, the fissures in the couple’s marriage were obvious. Pedro was accused of cheating on Chantel, while he accused his wife of being lazy, despite the fact that she works hard on her body and at her high-paying job.

The 32 year old works as a nurse practitioner full-time and enjoys sharing amusing memes about her profession with her followers on her Instagram @chantel_j_. She frequently posts bare faced selfies from her shifts to show her fans how tough her job is. However, in one of her recent stories, Chantel appears to hint that she has a new man in her life. Chantel is also known for reposting TikTok videos on her Instagram that she finds relatable.

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno moved their love tale from the Dominican Republic to the United States. Before they became reality TV stars on 90 Day Fiance, the pair had some familiar pals. One of them happened to be Obed. He knew not just Pedro, but also Chantel. However, following their divorce, it is clear who he supports. That’s because Obed and Chantel were sighted in a New York eatery. In the past, Pedro was Chantel’s best support and male friend, however now, Pedro lost his spot to be replaced with Obed.

Last week, Pedro posted a photo hugging Coraima Morla, who happens to be his sister Nicole’s former best friend. To get back at her ex, Chantel decided to post an Instagram story with Pedro former friend Obed. She posted a photo of herself and her pal Obed having a good time. She tagged the restaurant where they ate and thanked it for having them. Fans of 90 Day Fiance expressed their delight that Chantel and Obed remained friends in the comments area of the same photo which was shared by other 90 day fiancé fan pages. Many people suspected that something was going on between the two. However, none of the former cast mates commented on whether they were dating or not.

Pedro, who is now a blooming real estate agent, mocked Chantel and refused to talk to her about their problems. Pedro filed for divorce because he had entirely checked out of the marriage and craved independence. He has been rumored to have had girlfriends following his divorce. Pedro has also hinted at new beginnings but has not confirmed whether or not he is in a new relationship. But it’s a different story when it comes to Chantel. After Pedro left her life for good, Chantel has been linked to celebrities and one of them is Drake!

Fans were most astonished when Drake was rumoured to be interested in dating Chantel. Drake was said to have been DM’ing Chantel, but neither party confirmed or denied the reports.



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