Diddy Brings Evidence Of How Jay Z Unalived His Mistress To Protect Beyonce

Diddy Brings Evidence Of How Jay Z Unalived His Mistress To Protect Beyonce

You all remember when we said Diddy is fighting tooth and nail to make sure he doesn’t go down alone? Well, it looks like his plans are finally succeeding because he just brought undeniable evidence of how Jay-Z allegedly unalived his mistress, Cathy White, to protect Beyoncé. Allegedly, Cathy White got pregnant by Jay-Z and was threatening to do a tell-all interview about the affair around the same time Beyoncé also announced her pregnancy. Fearing the chaos Cathy’s tell-all would create, Jay-Z allegedly decided to delete his mistress. Sources now say Diddy has strong evidence that can prove everything that went down, so Jay’s days as a free man might be numbered. Get comfy because we are about to break this down.

Bey and Jay Z party with P Diddy


There has been a lot of noise about how Diddy is planning to expose all his partners in crime from back in the day now that the lawsuits are getting more serious, and every day feels like one day closer to jail time. The latest update on Diddy supposedly ratting out everyone he has a history with is that he is exposing Jay-Z for unaliving his mistress, Cathy White, to protect Beyoncé. If the name Cathy White does not sound familiar to you, it’s because someone somewhere did a very good job of scrubbing her off the internet, and streets are saying that person is Jay-Z.

For those of you who don’t know, Cathy White, also known as Corey or Coriana, was a model and fitness expert who ran her own PR firm, White Label PR. She was close with many celebrities, including Claudia Jordan and Jason Lee. Claudia Jordan, described as a known homewrecker, used to join Cathy in dating rich married men. Cathy herself admitted that she was here for a good time, not a long time, unless a man had a net worth of at least $50 million. You can see how Jay-Z must have been the perfect match for her, even though they supposedly started dating long before he and Beyoncé tied the knot.

Rumors about the alleged affair between Jay-Z and Cathy sparked after Cathy and her BFF Claudia Jordan were spotted at a Las Vegas nightclub partying with Jay-Z and Diddy. Jay-Z allegedly bought Cathy a $25,000 pair of Louis Vuitton shoes to wear that evening. Sources also reported that Jay was very particular about keeping the relationship low-key, asking her to bring friends along so it wouldn’t look like they were a couple. Jay reportedly took Cathy on a trip to the Bellagio Casino, again asking her to bring friends.

Jay was taking care of Cathy so well that Claudia Jordan was reportedly jealous of how Cathy always pulled wealthier men and amassed a fortune in bags and shoes. Jay was definitely doing right by Cathy until he started seeing her as a liability. In 2020, a blind item from Crazy Days and Nights suggested that an A-list host/model, later revealed to be Claudia Jordan, believed that a permanent A-list rapper, Jay-Z, had her friend Cathy killed because she became too much of a threat.

People began to figure out that Cathy was Jay’s mistress. About two weeks before she passed away, a major tabloid allegedly reached out to her about the Jay-Z connection, but Cathy denied all allegations. Either she got tired of living a lie or thought Jay-Z wouldn’t leave her hanging with a baby on the way. She allegedly decided it was time to tell her story and hit Jay up to tell him she was going public.

However, first responders found her death suspicious. When news broke that Cathy had passed from a brain aneurysm, it seemed too early to know for sure. Cathy was young, fit, and healthy, making her sudden death highly unlikely. A detective from the NYPD stated that they would do an autopsy to check her cause of death, but toxicology reports never came through. Despite suspicions, her cause of death was ruled as a brain aneurysm.

This brings us back to Jay-Z. Cathy passed away in early September 2011, around the same time Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. The timing is interesting, especially considering conspiracy theories about Beyoncé not actually being pregnant but using a surrogate. Speculation arose that Jay had Cathy deleted to protect his marriage. One blog suggested Cathy’s death might have been a sacrifice for the famous couple.

Liz Crokin, a reporter who had reached out to Cathy for an interview about Jay-Z, believes Jay had something to do with Cathy’s death. Liz stated that Cathy initially denied knowing Jay-Z until shown pictures, then considered doing a tell-all. Liz couldn’t get through to Cathy again, and then learned Cathy had died. Liz recently tweeted about this, bringing renewed attention to the case.

Jason Lee might have been the one who originally spilled the tea about Cathy and Jay-Z’s alleged affair. Hollywood Street King reported their sources got information from him. Jason possibly has information that could ruin Beyoncé if it ever got out.

It seems Diddy has been collecting audio and video recordings of illegal activities and is now ready to spill all the tea. Some people say Diddy has started speaking with authorities, and Jay-Z might need to prepare for a day of reckoning. Jaguar Wright recently said Diddy has released footage of Jay-Z and Beyoncé at some of Diddy’s infamous freak-off sessions.

Jaguar Wright once mentioned that she believed Jay or Beyoncé might have been responsible for Cathy’s death and then covered it up. Fans are happy that people are finally talking about Cathy White, with some comparing her death to Kim Porter’s, believing both were covered up.



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