Halle Berry Insists on Prenup Before Marrying Van Hunt to Safeguard Her $90 Million Wealth

Halle Berry Insists on Prenup Before Marrying Van Hunt to Safeguard Her $90 Million Wealth

Hollywood Icon Halle Berry Takes Cautious Approach to Marriage Plans.


Halle Berry, undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, continues to capture the hearts of her fans and her devoted boyfriend. However, despite their strong bond, wedding bells are not in the immediate future.

Insiders close to the A-list actress have revealed that Berry is taking proactive steps to protect her assets, especially after her recent divorce from ex-husband Olivier Martinez, which involved substantial child support payments. Berry, who is no stranger to the complexities of marriage (having been married three times previously), wants to be cautious if she and her current partner, Hunt, decide to tie the knot. Her $90 million fortune is her top priority.

Berry’s past legal battles, including her costly seven-year ordeal with the French actor Martinez, have left her feeling cautious about her financial well-being. She wants to ensure that her wealth remains secure in case of another marriage. As previously reported, Berry was required to pay significant child support and a percentage of her income above $2 million annually as part of her divorce settlement with Martinez.

Additionally, the settlement stipulated that both parties refrain from making negative remarks about each other or their respective families. Berry has two children, including a son, Maceo, with Martinez, and a daughter, Nahla, from a previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry.

Looking ahead, Berry has agreed to provide medical and dental insurance for her son, and she has already covered a substantial portion of Martinez’s legal fees. Insiders reveal that Berry made these concessions to put the legal battles behind her and pave the way for a new chapter in her life, which may include marriage.

Hunt, whom Berry has described as the “love of my life” after they went public on Instagram in September 2020, has been a steadfast supporter throughout her legal battles. He was reportedly patient and understanding during the lengthy court proceedings, even though they did become a source of tension at times. Berry had previously accepted Hunt’s marriage proposal but couldn’t proceed until her divorce was finalized.

In light of her past experiences, Berry is resolute about ensuring her financial security. She is determined to establish a comprehensive prenuptial agreement and have all necessary paperwork in place before exchanging vows with Hunt, whom she has been with for three years. While marriage may not be immediate, their love story continues, and Berry remains focused on safeguarding her hard-earned fortune.



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