‘If Nicki pays them dust forever moving forward they will all fall in the hole failures’: Joe budden Dragged Cardi B & Called her new single TR@SH & Prasie Nicki  

In a recent video on the Exotic Tea blog, Joe Budden expressed his views on Cardi B’s delayed music release and the current state of female rap. According to Joe Budden, Cardi B is hesitating to drop new music, and he criticized her for taking too long, citing various announcements dating back to 2019. He emphasized Cardi B’s apparent fear of releasing music, suggesting that the girl rap wave has diminished, with only a few artists like Nicki Minaj, Flo Milli, and Lotto continuing to thrive.

Joe Budden highlighted that Cardi B’s freestyle was previewed a year ago, and he questioned why it was taking her so long to release new material. He expressed his opinions on the current landscape of female rap, asserting that the trend of introducing new female artists and pushing them to success has diminished. Joe Budden suggested that record labels might be more cautious due to the limited success of many recent female rap releases.

Cardi B, in response to Joe Budden’s remarks, expressed her displeasure with the interview. Cardi B has faced criticism for her delay in releasing new music, with some speculating that she is hesitant to face potential criticism or a potential flop. Joe Budden also stated in the interview that Nicki Minaj remains the dominant force in female rap, particularly with her ongoing Pink Friday G City World Tour.

These comments from Joe Budden and Cardi B’s response have sparked discussions about the current state of female rap and the challenges artists face in the industry. Joe Budden’s views on Cardi B’s music release strategy and the overall trends in female rap have generated varying opinions among fans and the wider audience.


Joe Budden Thinks Cardi B’s New Single Marks The End Of The Female Rap Wave

The titular host of The Joe Budden Podcast launched a scorching take on the latest episode of the program concerning Cardi B’s new single, “Like What (Freestyle).” However, the part that social media is reacting the most heavily to doesn’t even have much to do with the actual song itself. For the record, the rapper and media personality thinks that the record is a cool one, although he expressed as such in a slightly backhanded way. But the part that really prompted heated fan debate is his assessment that the “girl rapper wave” is over, which is obviously tough to imagine.

Cardi B Claps Back At Joe Budden Over 'Lazy Bitch' Suggestion | HipHopDX

“Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over,” Joe Budden remarked on the show after he and his colleagues played “Like What (Freestyle).” “All of that ‘Go find a girl, send her to Columbia, get it done, put her in the studio with f***ing [Mike WiLL Made-It] or any one of them n***as.’ All that planting the girl in the scene, getting the record and it taking off, that wave is over.”

Joe Budden Speaks On Cardi B’s New Song & Female Rap: Watch


Not only that, but the Slaughterhouse MC also posited that record labels aren’t getting their investments back on femcees. While there wasn’t really any data or analysis offered to back this up, he did separately bring up the long wait for Cardi B’s sophomore album, which one could interpret as an example of this. “I think the Cardi freestyle is cool,” Joe Budden conceded. “I mean, I’m gonna think it’s cool. Because anybody’s gonna sound good over the ‘She’s A B***h’ beat.”

Meanwhile, it’s understandable to think that some female artists in rap didn’t capitalize on their hype, but can’t we say that across any demographic? The wave that the media personality is specifically referencing, though, has been around for quite some time. As such, it’s up to these femcees, whether superstars or on the rise, to define the next era. Considering all the talent floating around right now, we can’t wait for what’s in store. For more news and the latest updates on Joe Budden and Cardi B, stick around on HNHH.