Janitor Richard Goodall’s life took a dramatic turn when he auditioned for Season 19 of America’s Got Talent, earning a Golden Buzzer from one of the judges for his performance.

At 55, Goodall works as a janitor at West Vigo Middle School in Indiana, where he is affectionately known as “Mr. Richard.” He has always enjoyed singing in his spare time, a hobby that, as the world has recently discovered, showcases his remarkable vocal talent.

Goodall decided to take a chance and share his singing on AGT. It was a momentous occasion for him, as he flew on a plane for the first time to get to his audition. Backstage, he shared with host Terry Crews:

I’m not a fancy person. I take out the trash, I wipe off the tables, I sweep the floors — I’m just having fun, and I’m trying to make people happy.

Goodall felt understandably anxious as he stepped onto the stage, facing judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara. However, his nerves dissolved the moment he began to sing.

He aptly chose “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey for his audition piece, a song that highlighted his robust vocal ability and left both the judges and the audience spellbound.

Heidi Klum was particularly touched by Goodall’s stirring performance, so much so that she chose to press the Golden Buzzer for him. Given that each judge may only use the Golden Buzzer once per season, this gesture underscored Klum’s strong belief in Goodall’s talent.

Viewers at home were captivated by Goodall’s performance, as evidenced by the nearly 8.3 million views on the official YouTube video of his Golden Buzzer moment.

AGT Janitor Embraces Sudden Fame
As a Golden Buzzer winner, Goodall bypasses the initial rounds and advances directly to the live shows, which commence on August 13. He now finds himself in the company of past notable Golden Buzzer recipients such as Darci Lynne, Angelina Jordan, Chapel Hart, and Nightbirde.

Following the broadcast of his audition, Goodall appeared on WTWO and WAWV TV’s Good Day Live to discuss his sudden rise to fame. He expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming response, saying:

“The support since the show aired has been incredible. I’m overwhelmed and can’t possibly respond to the thousands of messages I’ve received.”

Despite millions having watched his performance, Goodall insists he remains unchanged by his AGT experience.

“How could I possibly become a diva? That’s just not me, and it’s never going to be,” he said. “I’m not a fancy person—I never have been, and I never will be. I’m just a regular guy like everyone else.”

He continued, “I am still the same person, working at West Vigo Middle School. It’s hard to grasp how to reconcile that.”

Goodall also explained how he dealt with his nerves during the audition. “I turned to my music. Listening to bands like Journey, Foreigner, and Survivor centers me, calms me, and reassures me that everything is going to be okay.”

Indeed, everything did turn out okay after Goodall’s brave decision to perform on AGT. Watch the 55-year-old janitor discuss more about his life-changing Golden Buzzer moment in the video below.



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