Katt Williams Puts Steve Harvey On BLAST For Selling His Soul To Hollywood

Katt Williams Puts Steve Harvey On BLAST For Selling His Soul To Hollywood

Well, if you have been following him for a while, you’d know that apart from cracking ribs with endless laughter, Williams is also a known whistleblower in Hollywood.

Remember the longstanding feud between Williams and Harvey? They haven’t exactly been the best of friends for over a decade, and there’s a solid reason behind it.

The tension between them began to escalate precisely ten years ago, and there’s a compelling story behind this rift.

If you’re curious about the origin of their discord, let’s rewind the clock to December 2008.

Williams publicly called out Steve Harvey just ahead of a Christmas season show, triggering a chain of events that would change their relationship forever.

Now, if you’re planning to throw shade at your fellow comedian, Williams has some advice: be straightforward and call out the ridiculousness, but he won’t be taking the matter to the radio waves.

To comprehend the genesis of their feud, we need to go back to December 2008.

During that time, Williams took aim at Steve Harvey in anticipation of a Christmas season show. The situation spiraled out of control when Jamie Foxx, then a radio host, played a clip of Williams dissing Harvey.

Fast forward to the radio segment where Williams spoke about their upcoming joint comedy gig. He warned Harvey that once he steps on stage, it would mark the end of his reign as the “king of comedy.”

Steve Harvey responded by calling in and expressing his bewilderment at the whole situation. In an interview, Harvey mentioned that he had always been cool with Williams and shared a story from their earlier days in LA.

Harvey explained that, at the time, he didn’t even know who Williams was when he was on the radio in LA. Their initial interaction occurred when Harvey, unaware of Williams’ identity, simply asked him to call in.

Despite this, they resolved their differences, became friends, and had been cool with each other ever since.

However, Williams isn’t just known for his comedy; he’s also a whistleblower in Hollywood.

Having built his career from the ground up, Williams started performing at comedy shows at a young age. His breakthrough came in 2002 with Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” and the film “Friday After Next.”

His stand-up special in 2006, “Katt Williams: Live – Let a Playa Play,” further solidified his status as a comedy legend.

On the other side of the spectrum, Steve Harvey, while popular and amicable, isn’t viewed in the same light by Katt Williams.

According to Williams, Harvey has some skeletons in his closet, including persistent rumors about mistreating his staff.

Harvey’s alleged strict rules for his dressing room, as outlined in a leaked memo, raised eyebrows and led to speculation about his behavior towards his staff.

Harvey defended himself, explaining that the memo aimed to establish more personal time during his busy schedule.

Harvey settled the lawsuit but later sued the Federal Aviation Title Company to recoup $250,000 he had put in escrow for the jet lease.

Harvey’s romantic relationships have also faced scrutiny, particularly with his second ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey.

In 2011, Mary Lee posted videos on YouTube, accusing Harvey of turning their son against her and leaving her homeless. Despite a court injunction, she continued to tarnish Harvey’s reputation.

In 2017, Mary Lee sued Harvey for $60 million, alleging child endangerment, torture, conspiracy, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Harvey’s lawyer dismissed the lawsuit as meritless and false, vowing to vigorously defend against the allegations.

Despite Harvey offering relationship advice, he has faced criticism for his comments on men, women, and dating.

Katt Williams accuses Harvey of making eyebrow-raising comments and promoting stereotypes.

Harvey’s remarks, such as advising men to go for shallow and unintelligent women, have sparked controversy and accusations of promoting gender normativity and anti-intellectualism.

Williams even revealed that exposing figures like Harvey got him “soft blackballed” in the industry. However, Williams emphasizes that he isn’t concerned about mainstream acceptance and prefers doing things his way.

Williams clarified that he hasn’t been blackballed and attributed the misconception to his avoidance of commercials and sponsorships throughout his career.

He asserted that he can’t be bought, not because he’s not for sale, but because he’s not even in the store.

Despite the controversies and challenges, many supporters commend Williams for his authenticity and standing up against what he perceives as the issues in Hollywood. While some criticize Harvey for various reasons, Williams remains resolute in his commitment to doing things on his terms.

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