Katt Williams Reveals: Steve Harvey Allegedly Pimped Lori Harvey to Diddy!

Katt Williams Reveals: Steve Harvey Allegedly Pimped Lori Harvey to Diddy!

Comedian Katt Williams has recently released a video alleging that Steve Harvey played a role in setting up Lori Harvey with Diddy. The leaked video showcases Williams discussing the situation during one of his stand-up comedy routines. Although the video is quite brief and does not provide concrete evidence, it has sparked significant controversy and discussion.

Williams claims that Harvey acted as a “pimp” for his stepdaughter, Lori, by facilitating her relationship with Diddy. The comedian suggests that the media personality used his connections and influence to orchestrate the romance between the two.

He further argues that Harvey’s actions were irresponsible and inappropriate, given the significant age gap between Diddy and Lori.

The video leak has generated mixed reactions from the public. Some individuals support Williams for shedding light on what they perceive as Harvey’s questionable behavior. They argue that celebrities should be held accountable for their actions, especially if they are seen as exploiting others. On the other hand, Harvey’s supporters dismiss the allegations as baseless and unfounded, emphasizing the need for concrete evidence before jumping to conclusions.

In conclusion, Katt Williams’ leaked video alleging Steve Harvey’s involvement in setting up Lori Harvey’s relationship with Diddy has caused a stir in the media. While some believe the claims hold weight, others argue that more evidence is required to substantiate the accusations. The controversy surrounding this situation highlights the public’s interest in holding celebrities accountable for their actions.


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