Mary J. Blige Believes It’s Wack That Men Are Allowed Alimony, Tells Women To Always Get A Prenup

Mary J. Blige Believes It’s Wack That Men Are Allowed Alimony, Tells Women To Always Get A Prenup

Mary J. Blige has been candid about her struggles with paying alimony following her divorce from Kendu Issacs, a challenging chapter that left her both heartbroken and financially strained. The Grammy-winning singer, in her journey of self-discovery and resilience, has taken her career to new heights while openly sharing her experiences. Blige holds the belief that men should not be entitled to alimony in divorce cases.



Before their separation, Mary J. Blige, a global superstar, had a deep and passionate relationship with music industry executive Kendu Issacs. Kendu played a significant role in her business affairs, managing her finances, and becoming an integral part of her life.

When the couple eventually parted ways, the courts ordered a substantial alimony payment to Mary, aimed at enabling Kendu to maintain his lifestyle. Furthermore, it was acknowledged that Kendu’s infidelity had tarnished his reputation in the music industry, rendering him “unhireable.”

In a discussion with Earn Your Leisure, Mary was asked about her experience with alimony payments and how she might handle things differently. Blige expressed her dissatisfaction with the system, deeming the alimony payments “wack.” She emphasized the importance of wealthy women protecting themselves with prenuptial agreements, lamenting the fact that men can also receive alimony. She questioned the fairness of having to pay alimony to her ex-husband, especially when he had cheated and lied during their marriage.

At one point, Mary was obligated to pay $30,000 per month to Kendu Issacs, in addition to dealing with the millions of dollars of debt he left behind. Fortunately, she is now one of the most sought-after entertainers in the industry and has achieved significant milestones and financial success. Mary’s highly successful tour, her involvement in the Super Bowl Halftime show, and a Grammy-nominated album have all contributed to her financial recovery.

There have also been rumors that 50 Cent played a role in helping Mary clear her debts. He reportedly brought her on board to star in “Power” and provided a substantial upfront payment for a season, assisting her in getting back on her feet.




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