Mehgan James Says She Was “Forced To Drink Tap Water” At Kandi Burruss ‘Old Lady Gang’ Restaurant

Mehgan James Says She Was “Forced To Drink Tap Water” At Kandi Burruss ‘Old Lady Gang’ Restaurant

Mehgan James from the popular reality series Bad Girls Club recently visited Kandi Burruss’ ‘Old Lady Gang’ restaurant and posted a video reviewing her experience there.

In her review, Mehgan mentioned being served tap water and having to use just a fork for her meal without any other silverware provided.

She said:

“I just left ‘Old Lady Gang’, upon arriving there I thought that the food was gonna come out really fast because there was zero people in the restaurant. They brought us silverware with only forks, no spoons and no knives,” she began.

“I was forced to drink tap water because they have no bottle water… Now let’s get into the food, I give it 6/10. It was seasoned outside but not really seasoned inside, but it was made really really well…” Mehgan added.

The video that has since gone viral and in the comments people made it clear that ‘tap water’ is the norm and it would be odd if the chicken was seasoned on the inside.

“The gag is you drinking tap water at every restaurant unless it’s a bottle..” another said. “You could’ve reach out to Kandi privately,”

How tf you season chicken on the inside ???

Kandi and Todd are no strangers to online criticism of their restaurant.

Keith Lee expressed his disappointment when he visited the restaurant last year with his family and they were not allowed to place a to go order.

In response Kandi said:

“I really just wanted to say I do appreciate Keith Lee for stopping by our restaurant and trying to show us love,”
“It is very unfortunate that we couldn’t serve him and his family. We would have loved to. But he’s right, we don’t take to-go orders on the weekends, and the simple reason is because we do love and appreciate the people who come and support our restaurant.”

She also offered Keith and his family an opportunity to dine with them again.

Keith is in Atlanta for his second round of tours, maybe he will give Old Lady Gang another chance even if they do serve tap water.

Meghan responded to all the backlash in the comments saying:

I gave a honest review ????????‍♀️


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