Mike Tyson gives out US$10 millions to any man to marry his daughter

Mike Tyson gives out US$10 millions to any man to marry his daughter

CHICAGO-(MaraviPost)-Mike Tyson former world boxing champion is giving out US$10 million to whoever man will marry his eldest daughter.

Tyson who grew up in the slums area, liked to fight since he was a child.

He skipped of high school to participate in some relatively small boxing matches. After, he got help from the dignitaries.

After becoming known, Tyson has been favored by many beautiful women, with three weddings and many children of his own.

Among them, Mitchell is his eldest daughter. The oldest daughter has already reached the marriageable age, and the marriage has always been the concern of Tyson.

In order to discover her a boyfriend, Tyson proposed 10 million dollars for his daughter’s wedding.

As long as the man married her daughter, he could take 10 million dollars away.

It turns out that Mitchell in the picture inherits the characteristics of her dad.

Her skin is dark, her body is very big, and she weighs 150kg, just like a female version of Tyson.

After seeing the pictures of Tyson’s daughter, you can also understand why the netizens have such a reaction.

After all, most people like to marry a smaller wife than themselves.



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