Offset WARNS Cardi B After She Takes His Money | Officially Back With Jade

Offset WARNS Cardi B After She Takes His Money | Officially Back With Jade

Cardi B emptied Offset’s bank accounts…removed all of HER money…left him with leftovers!

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The drama between Cardi B and Offset is heating up and it’s getting REALLY UGLY. Media Take Out learned that Cardi B has taken legal action – to remove “her” entire fortune from her husband’s accounts.

And when Cardi finished withdrawing all the money that was “her,” Media Take Out learned that Offset was left with almost nothing.

Cardi is gearing up for one of the most bitter and contentious divorce battles in hip-hop history.

A person close to the incident explained: “Cardi made most of the money for the family. She’s all about saving and investing. Offset is about spending excessively.”

“While they both made a lot of money [during the marriage]“Most of the money they have now is Cardi’s. And by most – I mean about 95% of it,” the insider added.And Cardi not only has money, but also real estate. The insider continued: “They own a house in Atlanta where Cardi and [the children] remain. And they have a home in New Jersey, where Cardi’s mother lives. She gets both houses.

Offset currently lives in a villa in Los Angeles that the couple has rented.

We’re told that without Cardi’s money, Offset isn’t nearly as rich as he portrays. Cardi’s friend told Media Take Out: “This man spends money like water, and he’s not even that hot anymore. See what his life looks like without Cardi.

Offset WARNS Cardi B After She Takes His Money | Officially Back With Jade

So it looks like Offset is determined to make things as difficult for Cardi as possible, because he is warning Cardi and trying to prevent her from taking his money.

See, Cardi recently made some moves to take every single last cent of Offset’s money after he went official with his new relationship with Jade and he tried rubbing it in Cardi’s face. Chile, the drama between these two is not coming to an end any time soon, and imma need them to pack this ish up pretty soon.

Remember how Cardi B came out a couple of weeks ago to claim that she and Offset had broken up again and she was now single?



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