Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

Willard Carroll Smith Sr., a former US Air Force veteran and refrigeration engineer, played a crucial role in shaping his son, the well-known actor Will

His father’s strict stance against drug use left a lasting impact on the actor. Will Smith recounted how his father took him to rough neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, intending to show him the harsh realities of drug addiction. The threat was clear: if Will ever turned to narcotics, his father would take drastic measures. Will Smith regarded his father as a constant and constructive presence in his life, describing him as strict but not tyrannical.

Self-employed as a refrigeration installer for supermarkets, Willard Carroll Smith Sr. provided stability and positivity to his family throughout Will’s life. He maintained a watchful eye and could convey a warning with just a look, ensuring that his son stayed on the right path.

The incident at the 2023 Oscars, which deviated from the usual lackluster affairs of the event, highlighted the complexities of human behavior and the intersection of personal history with public personas. The unexpected exchange between Chris Rock and Will Smith during the ceremony revealed the actor’s deeply rooted reactions and responses. His past, marred by witnessing domestic violence, shaped his character and led him to adopt a role as an entertainer designed to diffuse negativity and protect himself from harm. The incident at the Oscars, as well as recent personal experiences and the involvement of an intimacy coach, prompted Smith to confront his past trauma and reevaluate his thoughts and actions.

In the end, the confrontation at the Oscars emphasized the intricacies of human behavior, the influence of personal history, and the ongoing struggle between public personas and private battles in the life of Will Smith.


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