Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

The late Will Smith’s father passed away. His ex-wife confirmed that his father had passed away.

Former US Air Force veteran and refrigeration engineer Willard Carroll Smith Sr. Smith’s father discouraged him from trying drugs when he was younger by forcing him to rough neighborhoods in LA. Philadelphia to explain to him what it was like to be a drug addict.

He said, “I worried my father would kill me,” when asked about his father’s vow to kill him if he ever used narcotics.Literally.’ Will has said that his father has been a “steady and constructive presence” throughout his life. ‘Dad was strict but not tyrannical,’ he once stated.

Will said that his father kept him in check and shows him a look that suggested, “One more step, Smith, and things will turn ugly.

Self-employed Willard Carroll Smith Sr. installed refrigeration in supermarkets. Will Smith said that his father was always there for them. In my life, he consistently brings positivity and consistency.

Each year, the Oscars face declining viewership for various reasons. The spectacle of wealthy celebrities indulging in a self-congratulatory event doesn’t always resonate as compelling modern entertainment. Moreover, the tendency of these actors, agents, and insiders to offer lectures on societal matters has contributed to the decline. The apparent homogeneity of their views often goes unnoticed by the participants themselves.

A significant moment occurred during the 2023 Oscars, deviating from the norm of lackluster events. Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head due to alopecia led to an unexpected exchange. The joke referenced Demi Moore’s similar action in a 1997 movie. While Rock laughed, Jada Pinkett Smith visibly expressed her anger, and her husband, Will Smith, unexpectedly confronted Rock. The situation escalated when Smith struck Rock, surprising both the comedian and the audience.

The incident took the event beyond entertainment, creating an atmosphere of tension and unpredictability. Despite trying to keep it light, Smith’s response conveyed that the issue was serious. Sean “Diddy” Combs intervened, suggesting a resolution would occur later. However, the situation took an unforeseen turn.

Later that evening, Smith returned to accept an Oscar for Best Actor in “King Richard,” a role that tells the story of Venus and Serena Williams’ father. Instead of offering an apology to Rock or the audience, Smith adopted a self-righteous stance and positioned himself as a defender and victim. He emotionally discussed his role in his family’s life and used tears to emphasize his viewpoint.

Smith’s emotional response appeared rehearsed and self-serving, drawing attention away from the initial incident. He mentioned how entertainers must endure criticism but failed to address his actions toward Rock. The incident highlighted the complexity of Smith’s character, showcasing him as both a beloved celebrity and a deeply flawed individual.

A glimpse into Smith’s past provides context for his behavior. He grew up witnessing domestic violence, which profoundly impacted his sense of self and his desire to please others. His persona as an entertainer, designed to diffuse negativity, became a way to shield himself from potential harm. Only through recent personal experiences, including his father’s death and challenges in his marriage, did Smith begin to confront his past trauma and understand his motivations better. An intimacy coach played a role in this process, enabling Smith to reevaluate his thoughts and actions.

Ultimately, the unexpected confrontation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars shed light on the complexity of human behavior, the impact of personal history, and the struggle between public personas and private struggles.



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