As her mental health deteriorated, Hyman turned to substances to cope with her mounting stress and depression. Despite brief moments of triumph, such as her acclaimed performance in the Broadway play “Sophisticated Ladies,” the lack of consistent support and the constant professional battles wore her down. On June 30, 1995, Hyman was found unconscious in her New York City apartment, having taken a fatal combination of substances. She left behind a poignant note that simply read, “I’m tired.”

LaBelle’s disclosures serve as a stark reminder of the often unseen pressures faced by artists, particularly Black women in the music industry. By sharing Hyman’s story, LaBelle hopes to shed light on the industry’s darker side and advocate for a safer, more supportive environment for future generations of artists. The narrative of  Phyllis Hyman’s life and death underscores the need for systemic changes within the music industry to prevent such tragedies from recurring.