R&B Singer Ashanti Responds To Irv Gotti’s Constantly Speaking On Relationship That Happened 20 Years Ago

R&B Singer Ashanti Responds To Irv Gotti’s Constantly Speaking On Relationship That Happened 20 Years Ago

Ashanti and Irv Gotti are the latest music power couple to have their union explored in the media. It is no secret that many times high-powered execs and producers are involved with their talent. From R. Kelly dating an underaged Aaliyah to Dallas Austin and Chili having a child while collaborating on TLC’s first few albums. Rumors are always running about who is sleeping with who and why certain stars are prioritized over others.

Irv is making it clear now that Ashanti was his woman, and he put it all on the line to make her a star while promoting his Murder Inc. documentaries. Ashanti is making it clear that she has moved on and that Irv is just obsessed with her. Irv Gotti did a multi-part documentary with BET discussing the rise of Murder Inc. and how the label helped make megastars out of JaRule, and Ashanti while positioning Irv Gotti as one of the most powerful executives in the game. This past August, during the third episode of the series, Irv opened up about how he initially became romantic with Ashanti and how their union inspired one of her biggest hits.

Irv was married at the time but separated from his wife, Deb. He claims that the chemistry between him and Ashanti escalated as they spent long hours together in the studio. Eventually, he decided to make a move and kiss her one evening after driving her home and walking her to her door. He claims Ashanti said, “what took you so long?”

Irv doubled down in promotional interviews as well, claiming that he wrote her single “Happy” in the shower one evening after they had been intimate. Irv says that he and Ashanti we’re serious and that he was blindsided when she began dating rapper Nelly. Irv says he was watching a basketball game when the announcer introduced the couple who had walked in together and sat courtside.

Fans online have not liked Irv’s approach to spilling the tea on Ashanti and claim it looks more obsessive and exploitative than anything else. Irv is also ten years her senior, making his relationship with her questionable if you look at the years they began working together. It’s possible she was closer to 18 around the time they met. To make matters worst, Irv was definitely still married, so it made his relationship with Ashanti infidelity.

Irv does not care how people think about his confessions and has defended himself in interviews, saying, “I am cool with who I am as a person. That gives me the ability to talk about things that a normal person won’t talk about. I don’t care. It’s my truth. It’s my life. It’s my story. This is what happened.”

Ashanti has been asked about Irv Gotti’s various attacked in many recent interviews. However, the singer chose to take the high road and limit her response or not respond at all. It appears Ashanti has had enough and has finally decided to addressed Irv Gotti publicly on Diddy’s remix for “Gotta Move On.” In it, Ashanti says he’s got to let her go and makes a comment about the size of his manhood before stressing that it’s been 20 years. “It’s giving obsessed,” she says in the verse.

Do you think Irv is out of line? Check out Ashanti’s verse and let us know what you think.



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