‘Rihanna don’t wanna be Beyonce’: New Evidence Confirms Jay Z Is In Love With Rihanna | Rihanna Ran Away

‘Rihanna don’t wanna be Beyonce’: New Evidence Confirms Jay Z Is In Love With Rihanna | Rihanna Ran Away

Chile, y’all better get a chair for this one because it looks like the rumors about Jay Z cheating with Rihanna behind Beyonce’s back might be true after all.

Jay has recently been getting exposed for all the crazy things he has done over the years and y’all cannot even begin to imagine the kind of things people have been digging up from his past.

Not only was he out here messing up with Rihanna when she was new in the industry, but he was also allegedly deleting people, including one of his mistresses called Cathy White. I don’t know how much of the Cathy White thing is true but the internet is running wild with this.

According to new evidence, Jay unlived Cathy after she threatened to expose their affair to the public. People also believe this is why Rihanna has been silent about what Jay put her through.

Hold onto your seats, because it seems like the rumors about Jay-Z cheating with Rihanna behind Beyonce’s back might actually be true. Recently, Jay-Z has been getting exposed for a series of questionable actions, and the internet is abuzz with speculation about his past. Allegations suggest that not only was he involved with Rihanna when she was new in the industry, but he also allegedly deleted people, including a mistress named Kathy White. While the truth about the Kathy White situation remains unclear, the internet is rife with discussions about it.

A significant campaign is underway on social media to expose Jay-Z for his alleged wrongdoings, particularly regarding his affair with Rihanna. Some believe that Jay-Z has more skeletons in his closet than anyone else in the industry. Speculations about his infidelity and manipulation of Rihanna have resurfaced, fueled by recent events.

Interestingly, a recent interaction involving Jay-Z and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith has raised eyebrows. When Smith made comments about Marana not being on Beyonce’s level, Jay-Z swiftly corrected him, emphasizing the uniqueness of Beyonce’s talent. Some interpreted this as evidence that Jay-Z might still harbor feelings for Rihanna, given his passionate defense of her.

This speculation harks back to earlier rumors about Jay-Z’s involvement with Rihanna when she was just 17 years old. Allegedly, Jay-Z had significant influence over Rihanna’s career as he was the president of Def Jam Records at the time. Reports even suggested that Rihanna felt trapped in Jay-Z’s office until late hours. However, these allegations were quickly swept under the rug, with some claiming that Jay-Z used his power to suppress the truth.

The recent resurgence of accusations against Jay-Z also includes claims by a news reporter named Liz Kroen. She accused Jay-Z of unaliving his alleged mistress, Kathy White, and vowed that justice would prevail. Kroen’s allegations, along with evidence from various sources, have sparked renewed interest in Jay-Z’s past and his connections to Kathy White.

Despite efforts to bury the story, including the sudden disappearance of articles related to Kathy White’s affair with Jay-Z, the truth seems to be emerging. Speculations about Jay-Z’s involvement in Kathy White’s demise, coupled with allegations of his past indiscretions with Rihanna, continue to swirl online.

Beyonce ‘livid’ over Jay-Z’s ‘secret phone to call protegee Rihanna’ – star is caught in the middle

Beyonce is reportedly fuming at Jay-Z for having a secret phone to call his protegee Rihanna .

The pop star, who has been married to the rapper for seven years, is said to have been rowing with her husband over the singer after she discovered the mobile which is reportedly for business purposes.

A source told Grazia magazine: “Jay has several phones, one of which he keeps reserved for Rihanna, supposedly to discuss business interests.

“It’s obvious when she calls because he’ll interrupt meetings, even walk away from the dinner table to speak to her.”

The insider claims Beyonce, 33, knew Jay had a number of phones but wasn’t aware RiRi had a hotline to her husband and hates how close they are.

Jay has vehemently denied that him and Rihanna have ever been more than friends and work colleagues after rumours went into overdrive last May.

It was reported that the reason Bey’s sister Solange ended up attacking Jay, 45, in a lift after the Met Ball was because of his rumoured affair with the Umbrella hitmaker.

Meanwhile, 27 year old RiRi and Beyonce are said to have kept their distance during the launch of Jay’s Tidal music streaming service last week in New York.

However, the pair were photographed together with the likes of Madonna and Alicia Keys.

Mirror Celeb has contacted Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay’s reps for comment.



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