Sad News, Fantasia’s 18 Year Old Nephew Has Died

Sad News, Fantasia’s 18 Year Old Nephew Has Died

Fantasia Barrino’s dealing with a family tragedy this morning, as her oldest nephew, Tyquan has died.

Ty 😢 Auntie is So Sorry Baby 💔 RIP to my Oldest Nephew Please Pray for his Mother and my Brother @riccobarrino & his Stepdad

According to law enforcement sources, Fantasia’s 18-year-old nephew died of multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday morning following an argument at a Greensboro, North Carolina residential complex that spilled out into the street.

Police allege the teen was shot during a dispute between himself and 21-year-old David Lee White, Jr.

Hours after Washington’s death, White was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and is being held in the Guilford County Jail without bond, according to police.

Tyquan’s Father Took To Social Media

Tyquan, who went by T.W., was the son of Fantasia’s musician brother, Ricco.

Ricco said he’s completely devastated, because he didn’t get to see T.W. in the morning Tuesday like he usually does, and now he’s gone.

It’s been a rough stretch for Fantasia’s family … her brother Xavier has been in the hospital for months recovering from a critical motorcycle injury, as well.

Washington’s father, Ricco Barrino, a recording artist, wrote an emotional letter to his late son on Instagram, reflecting on the special moments he witnessed as his son grew up.

“Dear son I needed to write this sooner but it’s funny how life make you aware of your own unconscious procrastinations. I wanted you to know that from the depths of my heart your daddy loves you and he always has,” Barrino wrote.

“I remember holding you for the first time that’s when I knew that I had to do something other than work in somebody’s factory so that one day you could look up to me,” he continued. “As I write this letter with tears streaming down my face I want you to know that I showed you tough love because I knew you were something special.”

“I never forget the first time that me and your mother took you to gymnastics for tryouts. I remember the lady walking over to us and telling us that we would have to wait behind a long list of other kids lol I guess she didn’t know what my kid was capable of because when she turned around she spotted you turning somersaults as if you were in the US Olympics,” Barrino, whose real name is Kassim Vonricco Washington, added.

Barrino continued, “I knew you were special when all the older kids wanted to hang with you. I knew you were a leader at that moment and All the way up to your first big 18th birthday.”

The musician wrote about feeling proud of his son on his birthday and “telling everybody in the studio that my son is finally becoming a man.”

“I wanted to be there every day for you and there wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t wonder where you were,” he wrote. “Well on this day you became a bigger man when you put on a pair of wings and did what I have yet to do. So you show me your leadership skills. you go join hands with your grandma and kiss for me. You sing loud for me up there. Love dad🌹R.i.p T.W”



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