“Sleeping with your kids friend is sick for a parent.”: 7 Times Jada Embarrassed Will Smith – FULL DETAILS BELOW

“Sleeping with your kids friend is sick for a parent.”: 7 Times Jada Embarrassed Will Smith – FULL DETAILS BELOW

“Sleeping with your kids friend is sick for a parent.”: 7 Times Jada Embarrassed Will Smith – FULL DETAILS BELOW

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have put all of their relationships intimate details on front street for the general public to see. Well, it was more-so Jada than Will who would always come out sharing information that nobody else wanted to hear. Oftentimes Jada’s oversharing has made Will look weak and as if he’s not in control of his relationship.

Seven Times Jada Embarrassed Will Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
One thing is sure Jada has publicly embarrassed will multiple times in the past whether she was doing so intentionally or not remains unrevealed.

7. Wish They Were Swingers

Just a few years ago most of the things that we know to be true about Will and Jada were just rumors. tabloids published gossip about the two stars seeing other people while staying married to one another. This ballooned into the idea that Will and Jada were swingers. Jada ended up confronting the scandal when one fan asked her “what is the craziest rumor you have ever heard about your family”. After thinking about it for a moment she responded that “Will and I are swingers.” Jada did speak glowingly of the chemistry between her and Will shortly afterward but it was definitely an embarrassing moment for Will.

6. Forcing Will To Be On IG Live

After Chris Rock slap incident, a lot of people have gone back to re-evaluate certain publicized moments from Will and Jada’s marriage. One of these moments is a clip from when Jada went live on Instagram sometime around 2019. In it, she begins talking about her and Will’s marriage counselor and then suddenly turns the camera to will to get his opinion. Things get really awkward after pointing the phone at him. She asks “what you say that she has been instrumental in you and I redefining our relationship”. Will looks incredibly uncomfortable and calmly responds “I would say just don’t start filming without asking me if you could”. Jada keeps trying to record to get a response from him. Will turns away and continues asking her to stop. This was no doubt pretty embarrassing to Will Smith.

5. Talking About Their Intimacy Issues

Jada’s “Red Table Talk” which she hosts with her mother and daughter once revealed some details about both her family and her marriage on the podcast episodes. one episode, in particular, found her receiving a lot of Flack when she had Gwyneth Paltrow on the show. The two celebs started chatting about intimacy. Jada started to talk about her and Will’s love life. she wasn’t afraid to bring up some issues that they had. Specifically, she talked about how she used to expect Will to read her mind and figure out everything she liked in the bedroom. She candidly said, “I think you expect your partner to know what you need especially when it comes to sex”. She somehow showed she wasn’t satisfied when she was with him.

4. Mocking A Party Will Threw

When Jada turned 37, Will got a bright idea that he would throw his wife an absolutely massive birthday party. He hired a team to make it happen and he then spent the next three days planning it. He booked Mary J Blige to perform and even traced her family roots. It was going to be his deepest and most beautiful proclamation of love. But things didn’t turn out that way. In fact, Jada absolutely hated the party despite all the effort that he put into it. To Jada it was the most ridiculous display of his ego. when she told him this he was devastated and it led him into a depression.

3. Her Feeling For Tupac

Although Will and Jada have been together for a long time, it was not the first serious relationship for either of them. Jada was in an iconic relationship with Tupac Shakur before Will Smith. Will couldn’t deny that their love for each other was legendary and that he was tortured by it. In 2012 for instance Jada tweeted a photo of Tupac embracing and kissing her. the caption read “I miss him”. There is also a letter that his daughter Willow wrote to Tupac when she was a kid. She penned a letter saying that she knows Tupac is still alive. It also read “can you please come back so mommy and me can be happy and I think that my mommy really misses you”.

2. The Entanglement

You can not make a video about Jada and will without mentioning the most infamous moment of their entire relationship. Jada met singer August Alsina at the 2015 Wireless Festival. He was a friend of her son Jaden so they got to talking and then things got complicated. Jada showed up to the BET Awards with August in 2017. In 2020 August spilled the beans and stated that he and Jada were in a relationship for years. Although Jada tried to deny it at first, it was clear she was in a long and serious relationship with her son’s friend August Alsina while still married to Will. This is definitely the biggest thing people point to when talking about Jada embarrassing Will.

1. Bringing Will On Her Podcast

The craziest episode of “Red Table Talk” is definitely when she brought Will to the show so she could publicly address their relationship. It seemed like only one of the two was doing any healing. Will for his part looked absolutely crushed throughout the whole thing. The whole episode went viral. Expressions of Will has made some sad Will memes that are still pretty popular to this day. The podcast episode pretty much cemented Will’s reputation as an unhappy participant in his own marriage. Jada seemed confident and happy to have the talk whereas Will just looked miserable and embarrassed.

Although they might be perfectly happy behind closed doors, most viewers took the episode as just another example of Jada humiliating Will. So what do you think of Will and Jada’s relationship? Does She purposely embarrass him? Or do they just have a complicated and misunderstood marriage?



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