So cute! Kris Jenner Wants To Have Another Baby At 68 – ‘Your uterus doesn’t age’

So cute! Kris Jenner Wants To Have Another Baby At 68 – ‘Your uterus doesn’t age’

Well you know, anything’s possible and Kris Jenner is ready for baby number 7.

Per the NYP during Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, the 68-year-old momager confessed that she would happily get pregnant again after having six kids.

Kris made the unexpected comment while chatting with Khloé Kardashian, Malika Haqq and Scott Disick about Malika’s interest in having a second child.

“I would be pregnant right now if I could,” Kris said.

“Oy,” Khloé, 39, simply responded.

Kris — who had six kids total with exes Robert Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce Jenner) between 1979 and 1997, and has been dating Corey Gamble, 43, since 2014 — said that she “just can’t” be pregnant now.

But Khloé pointed out that her mom was wrong.

“You know you can,” she said. “You know your uterus doesn’t age. So you’re good if you wanna carry her baby.”

Malika added, “You can carry for me. You can be my surrogate.”

However, Kris politely declined Malika’s offer.

“No, it’s okay,” she said.

During the group conversation about pregnancy, Kris explained that she could relate to Malika’s hopes of having more kids.

“I know what it must feel like to want a sibling to have for your baby, because I always had that feeling deep down in my heart and soul,” Kris said in a confessional.

“That’s why I had six kids,” she added. “I had a baby at 23, and then every couple years I had a baby for a while. And then I got married and had two more. So that was my passion.”

Khloé pointed out that her mom had a hard time getting pregnant with the youngest KarJenner kids, Kendall, 28, and Kylie, 26.

“I had Kendall when I was 40,” Kris said in a confessional. “I really wanted Kendall to have a sibling that was closer in age to her. So I had Kylie when I was 41. And it wasn’t easy. I got terrible gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Kylie. And with Kendall, I remember having a miscarriage right before, so I was nervous the whole time.”

Kris welcomed her first four kids — Kourtney, 45, Kim, 43, Khloé, and Rob, 37 — with her first husband.

Kris and Robert divorced in 1991, and he died of esophageal cancer at age 59 in 2003.

We just want to know if Kris discussed this with Corey?




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