STEVE HARVEY: “The God I Serve Didn’t Bring Me This Far To Leave Me.”

STEVE HARVEY: “The God I Serve Didn’t Bring Me This Far To Leave Me.”

Steve Harvey faced a pivotal moment in his career when NBC pulled the plug on his talk show «Steve,» despite its notable success and stellar ratings. Yet, Harvey’s response to this setback wasn’t one of defeat; instead, he drew upon his faith for strength, boldly proclaiming, «The God I serve didn’t bring me this far to leave me.» This resounding declaration underscored his unwavering belief in resilience and the guiding hand of a higher power amidst adversity.

In a viral Instagram video, Harvey articulated his unwavering conviction that even in the darkest of times, opportunities await at the end of the tunnel. Every twist and turn, including the cancellation of his show, serves as a stepping stone on the path to personal growth and self-discovery.

This profound perspective transcends Harvey’s individual journey, resonating with a universal truth: setbacks are not stumbling blocks but rather springboards for transformation. It echoes a timeless belief that trials, far from weakening one’s faith, serve to fortify it, illuminating the way forward with newfound clarity and purpose.


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