T.I. Concerned His Son, King Harris Could End Up ‘Locked Up’ If He Doesn’t Chill Out Soon

T.I. Concerned His Son, King Harris Could End Up ‘Locked Up’ If He Doesn’t Chill Out Soon

Rapper T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have been in the news a lot lately due to alle-ged inappropriate behavior with others. However, they were not the only members of the Harris family that have come under fire. Their son, King Harris, has come under fire in the media for various troubles. Some fans have feared that the apple isn’t falling far from the tree, and now King’s father is sharing his own concerns that his son could be headed to jail if he continues in the wrong direction. Recently, T.I. was a guest on “In da Partments Wit Parlae” for the OG Talk The Podcast show. There, he discussed his feelings about his son, King Harris, born in August 2004. According to the “U Don’t Know Me” rapper, his son is on a clear path to destruction if he doesn’t “chill out.”

You may recall that King Harris, who is following in his parent’s footsteps as an artist, went viral this May after an altercation at an Atlanta Waffle House. While on Instagram Live, the 18-year-old rapper angrily expressed that the establishment fumbled his order and insisted on insulting their employees.  Once an employee said to King Harris that he could use that type of coarse language outdoors and off the premises, things began to escalate. After tormenting the employees inside, King steps outside and insists on continuing the altercation, perhaps taking it to the physical realm. Instead, he ends up getting his food and leaving without incident. However, King does claim that he would return later that night to continue where they left off potentially.

On another occasion in 2021, King Harris was seen in a parking lot getting into another altercation. This time, as onlookers stand around with phones in hand to capture another viral moment, Harris heads to a truck to grab a backpack, attempting to incite violence on another person. “What’chu wanna do?” he can be heard asking while others off camera can be heard saying that they need to get out of there.

Then in 2020, when King was 15 years old, another video clip was posted on social media that showed him in another violent altercation. This time, King Harris was in a bathroom and engaged in a physical brawl with another individual. Details of the fight remain unknown. For these reasons and more, T.I. fears the worst for his son. “He got it bad,” said the American Music Award-winning rapper. The rapper shared that he told his son to “chill out” or else he could end up behind bars.

However, despite the troubles that continuously seem to plague his son and get captured in the media, T.I. insists that King is intelligent. “He’s a smart kid, and he has a good heart, so I don’t worry about him too much,” the rapper said. What bothers him is that he sees many of the same negative characteristics he may have once practiced.

T.I. shares that while he doesn’t necessarily worry about his son getting into trouble, he fears that King is adopting some of the same “dumb a** decisions that [he] did.” He also addresses King’s age and states that he may be at a point where he’s trying to figure many things out within his life for himself.  For this reason, King’s father shares that he can relate. However, T.I. insists that King must “grow out of” many negative things he’s doing.

On a brighter note, the Harris family had much to celebrate this past May when it came to King. According to his parents, the 18-year-old graduated from high school with honors and took to social media to celebrate the tremendous positive achievement. T.I. wrote on his Instagram that his son King “shocked the [expletive] outta [him]” while sharing a photo of his diploma and graduation picture. “Celebration is definitely in order,” the rapper excitedly wrote as he expressed the fantastic accomplishment. He continued to praise his son and noted his growth as well.   “Say what you want about him… but can’t say he ain’t handle his business,” the proud father wrote. In addition, mom Tiny Harris shared her own congratulatory post on Instagram for King’s graduation from Dutchtown High School. “I’m so damn proud of [King Harris] I don’t know what to do,” she wrote.



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