Tameka Foster Breaks Silence About Usher’s New Wife

Tameka Foster Breaks Silence About Usher’s New Wife

Tameka Foster recently spoke with TMZ about Usher’s marriage to Jennifer Goicoechea. According to TMZ, Tameka already thought they were married.

During the interview, she was asked what her thoughts were about Usher’s new marriage. She claimed she thought they were married already and then mentioned that Usher had been married a few times.

She doesn’t keep up with Usher’s personal life much anymore. That said, Tameka did have good things to say about her ex-husband. She said he was a good father, which was what really mattered to her. Tameka shares two sons with Usher: Usher ‘Cinco’ Raymond V and Navid Ely.

She also praised her ex’s performance at the Super Bowl. She asked if the interviewer had seen his performance because it was something amazing.

Usher married his long-time girlfriend, Jennifer, shortly after the Super Bowl while they were in Las Vegas. The ceremony was on February 11 and included family and friends. Two of the guests were their daughter, Sovereign Bo, and their son, Sire Castrello.

Usher and Jennifer Had a Drive-Through Wedding

Usher and Jennifer met in the music industry as far back as 2016. Jennifer is a record executive, which means she and Usher likely brushed elbows a few times before dating.

They were first, officially, pictured together in 2019 during a birthday party for Keith Thomas, a producer. Rumors really started when another picture was taken during the Hollywood Bowl in October 2019. Jennifer was caught kissing Usher’s cheek backstage.

In 2020, they had their first child together, Sovereign Bo. It was only a year later when they had another child together, Sire Castrello, who they named after Jennifer’s grandfather. Most of their life was kept private, with a few birthdays celebrated publicly.

However, when the news was confirmed that Usher would perform at the 2024 Super Bowl, Jennifer was among the first to break the news to the public. She was at the performance, and then the couple drove off to a drive-thru wedding service with Usher’s mom there as a witness. Afterward, the couple went to a Super Bowl after-party to celebrate their wedding.

The Media Didn’t Support Tameka and Usher’s Relationship

While Usher didn’t have the most romantic wedding with Jennifer, he and Tameka had something a bit more intimate. Usher also met Tameka in the business. She worked as his stylist and fashion designer.

They started dating around 2005. At the time, Tameka was already a divorced mom and had three children.

In an interview with Essence, Tameka talked about her early relationship with Usher. She said that she knew she was a woman with flaws. She was a little older and didn’t have the body she used to have.

Tameka even admitted that she had some attitude problems. Despite her flaws, Usher loved and accepted her.

She said that he was always calling to check in on her and make sure she had everything she needed. When they went out, he’d always open the door for her.

Because Tameka was just a stylist, some fans thought she might be dating Usher for his money. Tameka heard these rumors and stood up for Usher by saying he didn’t need a woman on his arm to help boost his music career.

She knew the media was just disappointed because Usher had chosen someone out of the spotlight. If he had been with an actress, the media would have been more excited since that made a better story.

Tameka also told the story about how Usher had proposed to her. They were in the studio with a friend of theirs, Robin Thicke. Robin started singing a song on the piano, serenading Tameka, and then Usher got down on one knee and proposed to her.

Usher Originally Canceled His and Tameka’s Wedding Ceremony

While the couple had a strong relationship at the beginning, that eventually faded. Two years after getting married, they found themselves getting a divorce.

ABC News reported on an interview Usher did with Oprah about his failed marriage. In the interview, Usher said that there were a lot of people who believed in the marriage and a lot of people who didn’t.

One of the people who didn’t believe in it was his own mother. She didn’t attend their wedding. He ended up canceling the ceremony, and then he and Tameka got married a few months later.

After their wedding, their relationship started to go downhill. Usher admitted that he had cheated on Tameka because he wanted out of the relationship.

They eventually filed for divorce, and Usher received full physical custody of their two sons. As for Tameka, she’s become the go-to stylist in Atlanta. Despite the rough custody battle they faced, both put their energy toward being good co-parents.


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