Terry Crews BACKS Terrence Howard Exposing Oprah’s Blacklisting Agenda

Terry Crews BACKS Terrence Howard Exposing Oprah’s Blacklisting Agenda

In summary, Terry Crews and Terrence Howard are taking a stand against the injustices in Hollywood, particularly regarding pay disparities and exploitation. Crews, known for his candidness, emphasizes the importance of embracing the choices made in the industry and finding fulfillment in the work done, even if the pay may not always be fair. He shares personal experiences, including not receiving compensation for his role in “Training Day,” which, despite being unpaid, changed his life and opened doors for him. Crews believes in the value of the journey and acknowledges that sometimes the gigs that pay the least can lead to significant opportunities.

Similarly, Terrence Howard has been vocal about his struggles with pay disparities, especially in his role in “Empire” and the film “Hustle and Flow.” He has been supported by figures like 50 Cent, who advocates for fair compensation in the industry.

Other prominent black artists, such as Taraji P. Henson, have also spoken out about being underpaid and undervalued in Hollywood. Henson, along with others like Fantasia Barrino, has faced challenges in negotiating fair compensation for their work. Despite their successes, they continue to fight for equal pay and treatment.

Cat Williams has been outspoken about the issues of exploitation and abuse of power in Hollywood, calling out prominent figures and challenging the status quo. He believes that a reckoning is coming for those who engage in questionable behavior and is unafraid to expose the realities of the industry.

Overall, Crews, Howard, Williams, and others are committed to exposing the injustices and inequalities in Hollywood, advocating for fair treatment, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of race or gender, receives their due recognition and compensation.


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