Tracey Edmonds Wants You To Know She Broke Up With Deion Sanders

Tracey Edmonds Wants You To Know She Broke Up With Deion Sanders

Tracey Edmonds and Deion Sanders stepping on the red carpet at NFL Honors held at Symphony Hall at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

In Don’t Get It Twisted News… Tracey Edmonds wants you to know she planned to end her connection with Deion Sanders – not the other way around.

I earlier reported, that on December 3, Tracey announced she and the NFL Hall of Famer were ending their 11-year relationship and 4-year engagement.

Initially, the separa was presented to the public as a mutual decision, however a week later, Tracey Edmonds took to her Instagram timeline to confirm that she was the one who pulled the plug on her connection with Coach Prime.

I want to confirm that it was my decision to end the connection, in spite of any different narratives being presented.

I’ve chosen to prioritize myself and my family, moving forward towards a future where I am valued, treated with honesty, and free to embrace the happiness and respect I deserve.

In the caption of her post, Tracey added:

I hate to have to respond to the media, but sometimes it’s important when the falsehoods get out of control! ✌🏽❤️

In the week following her split announcement, Tracey Edmonds also took to internet to remind people she’s that girl by showing off her work resume.

Meanwhile… in Colorado, Coach Prime shared a lil message of his own via Twitter.

Deion Sanders shared the following message:

The devil couldn’t take you out so he’s trying to wear you out. Don’t you dare get tired.




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