Who is Vitória Bueno? The Brazilian Ballerina With No Arms Proving Anything Is Possible

Who is Vitória Bueno? The Brazilian Ballerina With No Arms Proving Anything Is Possible

Dance has surged in popularity recently, particularly through shows like Dancing with the Stars, offering a stage for talented individuals. Among them is Vitoria Bueno Boche, known as Vih Bueno on Instagram, a dancer who stands in a league of her own. At just 16, this Brazilian prodigy wows audiences not only with her ballet prowess but also with her versatile command over diverse styles—jazz, contemporary, and more. What sets her apart? Vitoria accomplishes this all without either of her arms.

Vitória Bueno at the tender age of 5
Image Credit: vihb_bailarina Instagram

When Vitória Bueno’s mother initially took her to ballet class at five, concerns loomed about her daughter fitting in. Born without arms, Bueno’s aspiration of becoming a dancer appeared painfully unrealistic, especially in a small rural town in Brazil where her disability made her a social curiosity. “People would line up outside the house to see her,” said her mother Wanda, 39, still hurt as she recalled the insensitivity. “They would lift her sleeves to look.” At 16, Bueno remained steadfastly focused on perfecting her assemblés, pirouettes, and various technical challenges in ballet. She expanded her repertoire to include jazz and tap, mastering diverse forms of dance.

Reaching for the Stars

Vitória Bueno doesn't let her disability affect her passion for dance
Image Credit: vihb_bailarina Instagram

As a frequent presence at the local ballet academy in Minas Gerais, her talent has propelled her to social media stardom, transforming her into an inspirational figure for countless individuals. Her remarkable skill and unwavering determination have positioned her as a beacon of inspiration in the world of dance.

When she dances in a troupe, one might expect her to stand out due to her physical differences

Credit: Instagram

Yet, she seamlessly blends in, radiating an ethereal grace and flawless performance. With over 17,000 Instagram followers, she shares videos, from dance tutorials to her daily routines, even applying makeup with her feet. Vitoria Bueno Boche embodies resilience and artistry, captivating the world through her mesmerizing dance.


For me, arms, they’re just a detail,” Bueno said at the theater where she performs. “I follow with my eyes, as if they were there.” Witnessing her graceful movements across the stage, seamlessly synchronized with her peers in a whirl of green and white, one could easily overlook the fact that she dances without arms. “I don’t feel like I need them at all,” she added. Her ballet journey commenced on the recommendation of her physiotherapist, who observed the young Bueno’s natural inclination towards dance. More than merely fulfilling a dream, dance has become an integral part of Bueno’s life.

Inspiring us All

Elegant pointes hanging on ballet barre against beige background. Space for text
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The strength and flexibility she has gained through her artistry are not only instrumental in her dance pursuits but also her daily activities—managing tasks from brushing her teeth to selecting items at the supermarket using her feet. “There are things she can do with her feet that I can’t do with my hands,” said her stepfather, Jose Carlos Perreira. “We are more than our disabilities, so we have to chase our dreams,”she said, flashing a broad smile.




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