It was 19 years ago yet the YouTube clip of that moment still gets comments to this day: Beyonce Nearly ‘Hypnotized’ Terrence Howard During This Event

It was 19 years ago yet the YouTube clip of that moment still gets comments to this day: Beyonce Nearly ‘Hypnotized’ Terrence Howard During This Event

Beyonce’s stage impact is out of this world. We’re talking about the woman who kept slaying a live show with a bleeding ear injury, insisted on finishing a concert during a lightning storm, and danced her heart out at the 2011 VMAs while pregnant with her first child with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter. She even belted out a song without missing a beat while her hair was stuck in a fan. And as if her 2011 baby bump reveal performance wasn’t enough, she sang live on a chair tipping 45 degrees backward while pregnant with her twins Sir and Rumi Carter — giving us life while risking hers.

The 28-time Grammy winner is hands-down one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Even before these iconic solo acts, Beyonce was already turning heads as a member of the originally 4-girl group, Destiny’s Child. She’s always killed it on stage. As a matter of fact, there was a time when she had literally taken Terrence Howard’s breath away. Until now, fans can’t stop talking about it. It was 16 years ago yet the YouTube clip of that moment still gets comments to this day, pointing out the Empire actor’s hilarious reaction to Queen Bey’s presence. Here’s what really happened.

Destiny’s Child’s Live Performance At The 2005 BET Awards

Destiny’s Child released their sexy R&B hit Cater 2 U in 2004. Fans at that time, especially men, enjoyed the song’s message. It’s about these beautiful girls committing their lives to serve their men and give them a good time whenever they want… Of course, 17 years later, many are not pleased with it anymore. Fans are trying to cancel it citing the lyrics as unprogressive for females, particularly these lines: “My life would be purposeless without you,” “When you come home late / tap me on my shoulder / I’ll roll over.” But both men and women didn’t have a problem with it back then, especially when the group performed it at the 2005 BET Awards.

The girls wore elegant nude brown dresses that highlighted their curves. They were all drop-dead gorgeous. YouTube commentators also agreed that “Beyoncé was a different type of fine right here.” As a result, the entire audience was captivated by the girls working it up there. Everyone was silent until the trio started looking for three lucky guys to join them on stage for that “catering” special. Beyonce took Terrence Howard who was sitting next to her parents. Kelly Rowland grabbed her Dilemma co-singer, Nelly. Then Michelle Williams ended up getting former NBA player Magic Johnson. Williams was supposed to take T.I. but he got arrested just hours before the awards show.

Terrence Howard Lost His Mind When Beyonce Gave Him A Lap Dance

The three women graced the stage with a classy lap dance. Nelly and Johnson were all smiles but Howard took it seriously. He was also smiling at first but a minute later, he was just hypnotized. He was about to lose it up there. Fans said, “When they ended the show Terrence still was shocked he didn’t even laugh he wanted [Beyonce] so bad.” Indeed, that’s what it looked like. “Terrence was ready to risk it all,” another commentator wrote. And one fan had the best description for that moment captured in the picture below: “[Terrence] literally had to start praying after she put that leg over him.” Well, God bless this man’s soul.

Fans also gushed on how cute Rowland and Nelly were. “Wow Kelly was so into it she messed up the choreo. My girl didn’t know left from right,” one wrote. Back then, the two were frequently rumored to be dating but both have constantly denied the speculations. The fans also found Johnson’s reaction quite entertaining. One of them said, “Magic was smiling so much, that brutha is going to get LOCKJAW!” It seemed like everyone had a nice time. Despite Howard’s serious demeanor throughout the show, the number ended with Beyonce laughing kinda awkwardly as she asked the audience to give the men a round of applause. She knew what she did to that poor man, but it’s purely professional for her.

8 years after that awards night, Howard was interrogated about the lap dance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When asked how he’d rate Beyonce’s lap dance skills, the actor gave it a 9. But he said her “spirit and her intent” made it a hundred. The Pride star also revealed that he once tried to talk to the Halo singer before.

Unfortunately, he said he missed the opportunity because even though they had already looked at each other, he ended up chatting with her friend instead. Howard said the lap dance felt like it was Beyonce showing him what he was missing. Well, he took the message hard for sure…

Cohen also asked if Howard hooked up with the Run the World singer after that night. He said no and that Jay-Z would kill him if he tried. At that time, Mrs. Carter had already been dating the rapper for about four years. They got married later in 2008. They’re still drunk in love despite Jay-Z’s infamous “Becky with the good hair” cheating scandal which was spilled in Queen B’s sixth solo album, Lemonade in 2016.




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