Ja Rule Confirms Fight With 50 Cent and Shared Who W

Ja Rule Confirms Fight With 50 Cent and Shared Who W

Ja Rule says he and 50 Cent had a fight, and he won. The two New York rappers have been beefing for around 25 years. While we have no video evidence of anything physically happening between them, the former Murder Inc. rapper has revealed that they had a past altercation.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have a lengthy history in rap, and some hip-hop fans even believe that Fifty’s rise was the downfall of Rule from his glory days. In his new interview with Piers Morgan, Ja discussed his recent denial of a UK permit to travel to the country for his upcoming tour.

Urban Islandz reported that some Ja Rule fans blamed 50 Cent for the UK denial, but the G-Unit rapper quickly responded, saying he had nothing to do with it, but not before taking a few parting shots at his longtime nemesis.

“I think I responded. I’m cool. I don’t get into the back and forth, you know,” Ja said, trying his best to dodge Morgan’s questions about his social media feud with Fifty. In true Piers Morgan style, he pressed the rapper to give him some of the beef bone when he asked why the beef had been going on so long.

“Not me, actually, you know,” Rule said. “I’m cool, Piers. I really don’t do social media like that at all. I post, of course, to promote some of my things–but I’m really not the social media guy like that. I really don’t get into the back and forth with him.”

Piers also asked Ja Rule why he said in a past interview with VLAD that he is a stand-up guy and 50 Cent is not. “I mean, you gotta kinda be from where we’re from to understand the terminology of that,” Rule said. “It’s some of the things I spoke about earlier. Those are real man things; taking care of your family, taking care of your kids, putting your kids through college, being a real father to your family and your children. … Those are stand-up things. In that aspect, I’m very, very stand-up.”

In concluding that segment of the interview, Piers asked Ja Rule to send a final message to 50 Cent and asked whether or not they’ve ever fought. Rule said yes, they’d had a physical fight prior, and he won that fight without giving any details on what went down.

In sending a parting message to the “21 Questions” rapper, Ja Rule said he didn’t have one but then proceeded to wish his rival well.

Ja Rule message to 50 Cent

“Good luck to him and everything he’s doing,” Rule said. “He’s another Black man. I wish all of us luck. I’m looking for everybody to win. I don’t have competition, Piers. I compete with me. Like I said, there’s no message to be sent.”

Ja Rule responded last week to 50 Cent trollinghim over his denial of entry into the UK for his tour, for which the “Mesmerize” rapper says he lost $500,000 of his own money that he invested into the production. In a quick message in the comments, Ja wrote, “n***a you p***y shut up.”



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