Katie Couric Opens Up About A Health Issue

Katie Couric Opens Up About A Health Issue

In a candid Instagram post, veteran journalist Katie Couric opened up about her ongoing battle with eczema, offering insights and tips for those grappling with sensitive skin issues.

Couric, 66, shared a bare-faced photo, revealing a flare-up of eczema on both eyelids. Eczema, a common skin condition, often manifests as red, itchy patches. The former Today anchor disclosed that her struggle with eczema dates back to her childhood but has resurfaced in recent years, complicating matters with allergic contact dermatitis.

“Calling all sensitive skin sufferers! ????‍♀️ I’ve had eczema ever since I was a little girl, and as I’ve gotten older, it’s started to flare up again,” Couric wrote. “I also deal with allergic contact dermatitis — safe to say, I have to be careful about what I put on my face.”

Expressing the challenges of managing sensitive skin, Couric highlighted her search for effective treatment, which led her to dermatologist Cheryl Lee. Couric endorsed Lee’s products, emphasizing their efficacy in managing eczema. She encouraged her followers to explore Lee’s insights and recommendations, providing a link in her Instagram bio.

“I can’t believe I let my team post this picture. Good Lord ????,” Couric humorously remarked, underscoring the vulnerability associated with sharing personal struggles.




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