Online Sleuths Cracked 8 Daily Mysteries

Online Sleuths Cracked 8 Daily Mysteries

Each day can be surrounded with a little mystery. You can find it in a thrift store or on a shelf at your grandmother’s home. When you want a quick solution, there is no need to search for long. You can just ask internet users who can crack the real purpose of any mysterious item.

We  rounded up 10 strange cases that got an answer with help of Reddit users.

1. “Toilet with a u-shaped divot in the front.”

Answer: It’s a type of handicap toilet, more common in Europe than the US. It’s supposed to have an open-front seat, too. That allows a person to slide straight onto and off of the seat.

2. “Hard button in the middle of granny-style panties.”

Answer: It’s a “quantum chip” for menstrual pain relief.

3. “A large plastic hood with gloves attached. Found in Chicago residential alleyway.”

Answer: Sand blasting. My dad’s shop has a cover like that for sand blasting.

4. “Ceramic plate with 6 circular divots. Often found in thrift stores near kitchen items.”

Answer: Escargot plate.

5. “What is this part of the small grocery carts? Oddly shaped ring, about an inch and a half across and three inches tall.”

Answer: It’s to hold the self-checkout you can sign up for. They’re usually by the entrances on a rack. I use this all the time.

6. “Beaker with handles? Found at a thrift store with no markings on it.”

Answer: It’s the Inside beaker of a double boiler set!

7. “A metal tool with a wooden handle. Unlabelled at the thrift store.”

Answer: Rolling dumpling cutter.

8. “Strange bench with tubing near the parking lot of an old elementary school.”


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