Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

Our prayers go out to the great actor Will Smith and his family for their loss

The late Will Smith’s dad died. His former-wife announced that his dad had passed away.

Former US Air Force veteran and refrigeration engineer Willard Carroll Smith Sr. Smith’s dad discouraged him from trying drugs when he was younger by forcing him to rough neighborhoods in LA. Philadelphia to explain to him what it was like to be a drug addict.

He said, “I worried my dad would kill me,” when questioned about his father’s promise to kill him if he ever used narcotics. Really.’ Will has said that his father has been a “steady and constructive presence” throughout his life. ‘Dad was strict but not tyrannical,’ he once said.

Will said that his dad kept him in check and shows him a look that suggested, “One more step, Smith, and stuffs will turn ugly.

Self-employed Willard Carroll Smith Sr. installed refrigeration in supermarkets. Will Smith said that his dad was always there for them. In my life, he consistently brings positivity and consistency.

Each year, the Oscars face refusing viewership for various reasons. The spectacle of wealthy celebrities indulging in a self-congratulatory event doesn’t always resonate as compelling modern entertainment. Moreover, the tendency of these actors, agents, and insiders to offer lectures on societal matters has contributed to the decline. The apparent homogeneity of their views often goes unnoticed by the participants themselves.




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