TikToker Mrs. Netta Addresses Her Sexuality and Confirms That She Was Born A Man

TikToker Mrs. Netta Addresses Her Sexuality and Confirms That She Was Born A Man

TikToker Mrs. Netta opens up about her sexuality.

A trending couple has taken social media by storm: Mrs. Netta and Charles. Renowned for their entertaining skits and cooking videos, this dynamic duo has become a constant presence on social feeds worldwide. Since going viral, questions surrounding Mrs. Netta’s sexuality have been looming. However, the TikToker and her boo recently sat down with TS Madison for Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F segment and addressed the rumors.

After Madison asked Netta was she apart of the LGBTQIA community, the TikToker responded, “Yes I am.”


Madison then also questioned if Netta she identified as trans or nonbinary , which she denied.

“I never categorized myself or none of that,” Netta said. “I just always been myself. This is my everyday look and it’s something I’ve been doing growing up in life. I don’t think I’m a transexual. I don’t think I’m none of those.”

She added, “A lot of people say I’m ashamed of my sexuality which I am not. People here in our city knows me. It wasn’t about me hiding my sexuality. It was just more like, it was my business, and when I wanna put my business out, I’ll do it.”

Additionally, Netta also confirmed that she was born a biological man.

“Whoever watching this, y’all got y’all answer,” Netta continued. “I never put it out there but when we go live and we feel like we comfortable in the live, we’ll answer their questions.”

Mrs. Netta initially gained popularity on TikTok in 2021, showcasing phone pranks and skits centered around encounters with nosy neighbors and confrontations over her partner.

Although the @MrsNettaandCharles account went dormant for a period, it made a remarkable comeback in 2023 when Mrs. Netta reappeared with her boyfriend Charles, quickly garnering widespread attention and going viral once again.



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