Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Seeking Past Divorce Payments

Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Seeking Past Divorce Payments

The U.S. Sun reported on March 11th that Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, has gone to court demanding two years of “back divorce payments” from Wendy. Kevin claimed he needs the payments because he “relies on them for expenses.”

The Sun exclusively obtained Kevin’s court filing. His documents alleged that the two years of payments were “agreed to” by him and Wendy in a Marital Settlement Agreement negotiated during their divorce.

Wendy and Kevin share an adult son, Kevin Hunter Junior. Kevin also had a baby girl with his mistress, Sharina Hudson, during his marriage to Wendy. Kevin’s daughter will turn 5 in April 2023.

Kevin allegedly told the court that he relies on Wendy’s “severance pay” to manage his living expenses. He claimed that “having been without this income for twenty-three months” has affected him greatly.

According to Kevin, the divorce payments “suddenly ceased just before” a New York court selected Sabrina Morrissey to become Wendy’s legal guardian in 2022.

He demanded that Sabrina, Wendy’s legal guardian, “immediately pay all severance payments which may be due and owing at the time of this Court’s order.”

Kevin Requested to have Access to Wendy’s Financial Statements

The Sun previously reported confirmation from sources that Wendy was “locked out of her Wells Fargo accounts” before the guardianship commenced, and Kevin’s payments allegedly ceased.

Kevin’s court documents also state that an “out-of-court mediation” had allegedly failed. He listed that as the excuse for bringing the issue before a New York court again.

In the court documents, Kevin argued that Sabrina allegedly “promised” him access to Wendy’s financial records. He listed December 8, 2022, as the mediation date when he met with Sabrina and Wendy’s legal team.

His court documents allege that the New York court had given Wendy’s lawyers and Sabrina permission “to provide statements to accounts and bank records” to Kevin. However, he claims they never did.

In a previous report, the Sunrevealed that Kevin had “urged the court” to make Wendy’s team hand over all of her bank records from the official date of their divorce to the current date.

The Sun also published that Kevin’s court filing indicates that he is seeking a cut of Wendy’s AFTRA Retirement Plan. Kevin stated, “I would not have to file this motion if the plaintiff did not stop my severance payments.”

But the Sun alleged they received exclusive information from a source “close to [Wendy’s] mediation negotiations in 2022.” If this source is correct, Kevin might be in greater financial trouble than he could ever wish for.

This source alleged that the mediator in Wendy’s case—a judge who formally worked the courts in New Jersey—had confessed during a mediation session, “The reality is that there is no more money.”

Still, another source told the Sun,“There was no proof offered to them to support the allegation” that Wendy is broke.

Doctors Informed Wendy that Drinking Would Worsen Her Condition

Another exclusive report recently published in the Sun confirmed that Wendy received a diagnosis of alcohol-related brain damage in 2019. This happened when she was undergoing rehab in Florida, and her son, Kevin, also confirmed Wendy’s diagnosis in her docuseries.

Wendy allegedly underwent a brain scan at a rehab facility in Delray Beach, Florida. A source with inside knowledge told the Sun what happened next.

The insider claimed that a neurologist met with Wendy, her ex-husband, and her son. The source said, in part, “They told her that her [substance issues] had done permanent damage to the layers in her brain.”

Sadly, the source claimed that Wendy had been “warned then and there that if she continued to drink, the damage would only get worse.” They added that Wendy would “continue to grow more forgetful, that she wouldn’t remember people’s names, and eventually, she could forget who people even were.”

Last year, the Sun asked Sabrina for an update on Wendy’s health. Wendy’s team did release a statement confirming that Wendy is suffering from numerous ailments. This includes a form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia.

Wendy’s care team said, in part, “The decision to share this news was difficult and made after careful consideration, not only to advocate for understanding and compassion for Wendy but to raise awareness about aphasia and frontotemporal dementia and support the thousands of others facing similar circumstances.”


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